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Vialle considering bankruptcy?

According to Dutch newspapers, Vialle – company known for making liquid state autogas injection systems – is considering going into bankruptcy. The managing board is looking for other solutions to regain solvency, but Vialle's financial strife may be too serious to overcome.
Logo of Vialle© VialleIs this the end of Vialle as a company? Could be. Is it the end of the Vialle brand? Unlikely

The news published by Dutch site has been confirmed by Peter Rutten, Vialle's CEO. According to him, the source of the company's trouble is the stalling European autogas conversion market. The sales of expensive systems for Western European markets, such as the LPdi and the LPfi, have slowed down considerably, while simpler and more affordable solutions, like the LiquidSi, developed for cost-conscious markets (Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, etc.), haven't caught on quite as expected. Cooperating with OEMs in South Korea, India or Australia doesn't help much, or at least it doesn't help enough.

Still, Vialle isn't ready to surrender just yet. The company has filed for financial support, but if banks refuse to help, controlled bankruptcy will be the only way to go. And then what? We don't expect the company to just close down its production halls and offices, lay off the entire staff and drop out of business. A takeover by a powerful strategic partner – as was the case with rival Prins not long ago – is a more probable scenario, one allowing the brand to keep growing. However, let's not resort to speculation and blind guess – instead let's wait for official information concerning Vialle's future. It may be close ahead.


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