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Apparently Vialle believes that if you're going to die, at least die hard. Which is a good thing, because the company has been resurrected and, having undergone restructuring and a slight change in name, soldiers on. The brand remains the same, so if you missed the insolvency news, you may never notice the change.
Vialle logo© VialleBrand identity is any company's greatest treasure, so no wonder nothing has changed with Vialle in this respect

Farewell Vialle Alternative Fuel Systems, welcome Vialle Autogas Systems! This is as old as the hills – to keep production going a company changes its name and/or legal status and although on the surface it may seem like a new entity altogether, it offers the exact same products to the exact same customers at the exact same prices. The end users will most likely fail to notice there is a difference, only official partners and distributors have experienced a short (2-/3-week) supply delivery delay – the hardware was there in Vialle's warehouses in Eindhoven, but it was detained by the creditors until the company's new structure was launched.

Will the change affect Vialle's line-up of products? Unlikely, although the company may now focus on the more affordable and more popular (and thus also more profitable) offerings, such as the LiquidSi (for petrol engines) and LiquidGD (for diesel blending). They both feature Vialle's hallmark technology – liquid state autogas injection, although indirectly, into the channels of the intake manifold, not directly, into the combustion chambers of cylinders. Importantly, both these products are versatile, not dedicated to particular models of cars and engines, so it's easier to market them on a broader scale. The LPdi may retain its role as the company's "flagship”, but due to its higher price its presence in the market is bound to remain limited. We wish all the luck to the resurrected company and promise to share additional details as they arrive.


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