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Vialle LiquidSi - revolutionizing the market


Vialle introduces its newest innovative product and distribution concept – the LiquidSi, addressing the worldwide need for a high performance LPG injection technology combined with easy conversion at an astonishingly attractive price.
LiquidSi by Vialle© VialleA liquid state LPG injection system at the price of a vapour state injection one? This could really shake the market

Vialle’s long lasting experience with liquid LPG injection technology (e. g. LPi and LPdi) forms the heart of the LiquidSi, which excels in power, emission levels and facing climatic challenges free of maintenance costs.

This revolutionary liquid LPG injection system will be distributed via a web-based structure, enabling selected partners to stock and market standardized modules to conversion centers. Fitting requires no specific training thanks to auto-calibration software and self-support tools.

The LiquidSi targets high volume and price sensitive markets, estimated at 2,5 million kits per annum, which are currently dominated by vapor LPG injection technologies. 50% of these markets are accessible through LiquidSi’s distinguishing features.

Vialle initially offers this easy to distribute and install liquid LPG technology at exceptionally affordable pricing in central and southern Europe, Asia, and South America, soon to be followed by other regions worldwide.

Vialle believes the LiquidSi will revolutionize the LPG conversion market, as the superior liquid gas injection technology will be accessible to customers seeking a high quality product at competitive price levels in high volume markets.

Vialle Alternative Fuel Systems is specialized in the development, production, and distribution of gaseous fuel systems, such as the unique and patented liquified LPG systems for cars. Vialle's technology and systems are applied by car manufacturers and in the aftermarket worldwide.


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