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Stavropol to gain four CNG stations

When it comes to developing CNG station network, Gazprom sure means business – the company's Gas Motor Fuel division has announced plans to construct four new outlets in the Stavropol region of the Russian Federation. Each will be built in another city.
Gazprom Transgaz Stavropol compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station© Gazprom Gas Motor FuelClearly, CNG is already a popular fuel option in Stavropol

The cities to benefit from the initiative are Izobilnyi, Svetlograd, Ipatovo and Novoaleksandrovsk. Stavropol is already a region of Russia where CNG is quite popular – the refueling network is relatively well developed (there are 8 outlets already operating) and there are approx. 5000 NGVs on the road.

In fact, the new stations are already in advanced stages of development, with three (in Svetlograd, Ipatovo and Novoaleksandrovsk) scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015. The fourth one, in Izobilnyi, is expected to launch in the first half of 2016. Once they're all fully operational, the entire network is estimated to annually retail 20 million cubic metres of CNG.

The key consumers of natural gas in the Stavropol Territory are commercial transport companies. There are about 153 companies in the region with natural gas fueled fleets. There are another 90 companies planning to switch to natural gas to take advantage of fuel economy. The average price of 1 m3 of natural gas in the Stavropol Territory is 12.5 rubles (USD 0.18), which is almost 3 times cheaper than conventional fuels.

Mikhail Likhachev, general director of Gazprom Gas Motor Fuel


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