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Maryland's first LPG school bus now running

Yes, we've written about autogas-powered school buses many times before. Yet we're going to do it again and we probably will many more times in the future. In fact, we'll do it every time such vehicles enter service somewhere around the world. Recently they have in Maryland, USA.

The vehicle has been launched in Anne Arundel County. It's operated by contractor Jubb's Bus Service and it's a Blue Bird Propane Vision, a bus we've mentioned on numerous occasions before. It has replaced a diesel counterpart, which benefits both the school district authority (financially) and the environment (through reduced emissions).

With the rising costs of diesel maintenance and our interest in incorporating green technologies, it was time to explore our options. We are the first contractor in Maryland to offer a school bus fueled by emissions-reducing propane autogas to an area school district — and we have plans to transition 20 percent of our fleet to autogas in the future.

Randall Jubb, president of Jubb’s Bus Service, Inc.

Blue Bird Propane Vision LPG-powered school bus at Jubb's Bus Service's station© Blue BirdThe more LPG-powered school buses out there, the better for everybody!

Like all Blue Bird Propane Vision buses, the new vehicle introduced in Maryland features a 6,8-litre V10 Ford engine converted with a ROUSH CleanTech autogas system. Compared to diesel, the new student carrier reduces fuel expenses by 45 percent and emissions-wise it's going to save the environment some 1200 pounds (540 kg) of nitrogen oxides and 30 pounds (13,5 kg) of particulate matter each year it is used. Jubb's Bus Service has had its own refueling site installed on the premises by Sharp Energy, featuring a 1000-gallon (approx. 3800-litre) LPG tank. It can be expanded to 4000 gallons should need arise.

We are proud to partner with a forward-thinking company like Jubb’s Bus Service, Inc. They’re joining over 500 other school districts nationwide experiencing the benefits of propane autogas technology: lowering operating costs, maintenance costs and emissions.

Brian Carney, group account director for ROUSH CleanTech


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