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Fleet saves big $$$ with LPG

Yet another US fleet has made remarkable savings by using LPG autogas instead of petrol. Superior Water and Air converted 29 of its 74 vehicles and given the results, more conversions seem inevitable. Of course, emissions dropped along with fuel costs.

Superior Water and Air is a company providing heating, air conditioning, plumbing and water treatment services to the residents and businesses in the Salt Lake City area, USA. They have a fleet of 74 vehicles, each traveling approx. 20 thousand miles a year, often hauling heavy equipment on trailers. 13 months ago the company decided to try out autogas and today 29 vehicles in the fleet run on the cleaner, greener, more affordable alternative fuel.

Our main motivation for switching to propane autogas was financial. We've seen substantial savings and estimate the company will see a return on investment 18 months after conversion.

Mark Lambourne, president of Superior Water and Air

So let's get down to hard numbers. In the first year of LPG application, Superior Water and Air cut their fuel bills by 120 thousand dollars, at the same time eliminating 62 tons of carbon dioxide in tailpipe emissions. The company's partner in the entire process has been Blue Star Gas, who installed a 1000-gallon on-site fueling tank and converted Superior Water and Air's fleet: two Chevrolet Silverado pick-ups, one Ford E-350 box truck and 25 Chevrolet 2500 cargo vans. Are more to come? We'd be surprised if there weren't.


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Robert Markowski
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