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Skoda Citigo CNG - across Europe for 80 euros

Improving factory-declared fuel economy figures poses a chellenge, unless you are an eco-driving champion the likes of Gerhard Plattner. The Austrian driver covered 2600 km in five days to prove that an economical car can become even more economical in the hands of the right person.
Gerhard Plattner and his Skoda Citigo CNG© SkodaGerhard Plattner and his Skoda Citigo CNG in Stockholm, enjoying a successful trip

The idea was simple: first, to improve the 2,9 kg/3,77 m3 of CNG per 100 km economy figure and second, to make a 2619-km-long trek from Vicenza, Italy, to Stockholm, Sweden, for no more than 100 euros. Mr Plattner managed to achieve both his goals and by quite a margin, too. When on August 2, 2013 the Austrian reached the Swedish capital, it turned out that his Skoda Citigo's average fuel consumption between southern and northern Europe was as low as 2,39 kg/3,19 m3 of CNG per 100 km. This means a 15 per cent improvement, which is quite a remarkable result. And obviously it means extra financial savings, even though the CNG-powered car is by nature cheap to run.

That said, the 100-euro limit was a very safe one, since Gerhard Plattner managed to cover the vast distance from Italy to Sweden (let us remind you, that was over 2600 km) for as little as 81,24 euros, so once in Stockholm, he could still afford dinner of at least coffee and a pie to rest by. True, the entire endeavour required some route planning, as it is not equally easy to come by CNG in all countries Mr Plattner passed through along the way (Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden), but it was definitely worth the effort. Congratulations to the driver for making a fuel-sipping car even thriftier! May we all learn to be as able behind the wheel as he is, because then who needs EV's, really?


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