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Gerhard Plattner strikes again!

If you think NEDC fuel economy figures are far fetched, hire Gerhard Plattner, the renowned Austrian eco-driving champion, to prove they are deeply rooted in reality. That's what Seat did, at least, to show how economical CNG can be.
Gerhard Plattner behind the wheel of a Seat Leon TGI© SeatIn fact, the question of how far you can drive with 100 euros, remains unanswered...

This time the challenge was to cover the longest possible distance in a Seat Leon TGI with 100 euros to spend on fuel (compressed natural gas). Given the car is economical (it requires 3,5 kg or 4,68 m3 of CNG per 100 km, according to Seat's official data) and CNG is generally cheaper than petrol or diesel, the car should have traveled far enough with just any driver behind the wheel, but since Mr. Plattner is a fuel economy specialist, the result is, quite frankly, stunning.

However, instead of just jumping into the car and driving far as the eye can see, the thrifty Austrian set himself a 2633-km-long route across Germany: starting in Berlin, he wanted to drive to Flensburg via Görlitz (near the Polish border), Lindau and Aachen. The petrol tank of the car was sealed and the trip began. The Leon's sat-nav displays the nearest CNG stations for the driver's convenience, but since there are 920 of them across Germany, little planning was required in that respect. Yet, Erdgas Mobil's Natural Gas App for smartphones provided extra reassurance.

Gerhard Plattner didn't set out to break any records, but he still managed an awe-inspiring average of 2,94 kg/3,93 m3 of CNG per 100 km of his journey, which means he covered the 2633 km route without spending all the projected money. In fact, he spent 86,42 euros, which means he could have covered a couple hundred more kilometres before running out of money. Instead, he just said casually he had enough cash left to go chase another record. What a guy, huh?


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