Happy New Year!

2013 is almost over. Should we cry over it? Or should we rather look forward to 2014? We say future is always more interesting, simply because you never know what's about to happen and that's quite exciting. And we're convinced great things are about to happen LPG-wise.
2013 is gone, 2014 is here!© iStock PhotoThe end is always a new beginning!

The world of gaseous fuels is developing in a very interesting direction. Technological advancement in shale gas excavation technology is bound to make carmakers think again about their huge investments into electric vehicles and turn their interest to LPG and CNG instead. Which is fantastic news to us!

In 2014, we're going to look closely at the global alternative fuel market, as we have been doing so far, to bring you the latest and most important news from the sector. We'll go places and test cars to give you coverage and reviews of all things LPG and CNG. Stay tuned to and in 2014 and enjoy the future of gaseous fuels with us!


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