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LPG in Denmark - land of LEGO and Carlsberg

Denmark – a small country on the Jutland Peninsula – bases its economy mainly on extraction of natural energy resources (oil and gas). It’s twice as high as the country’s needs.

The popularity of LPG in this country, inhabited by 5,5 million people, is very small, certainly due to the fact that there’s little benefit from the use of gas-powered cars. In Denmark, this type of fuel is not much cheaper than petrol. That’s also why there aren’t many LPG stations around the country. Refueling is usually possible in places where people fill their gas cylinders.

It’s estimated that there are only 6 LPG stations in the whole country. They are located in Jutland and on the island of Funen. Exact addresses and phone numbers of all of them can be found on the Danish Petroleum Industry Association’s website, available also in English.

It’s worth checking out the map and the list of all Danish LPG stations.

The currency in Denmark is the Danish krone (DKK). According to, the price of LPG stands at 8,98 DKK (1,20 euro – more than you would pay for regular petrol in Germany), the price of petrol is 12,86 DKK (1,73 euro) and diesel fuel costs 11,49 DKK (1,54 euro).

For LPG you will have to pay almost 70% of the price of petrol, which means this type of fuel is not really a serious alternative for traditional fuel. So if you plan on going to Denmark only for a short trip – not a longer stay – it’s better to refuel in advance, before you enter the country, in Denmark’s only land neighbor – Germany. If you want to spend more time in the land of the Jutes and happen to stay near an LPG station, it’s obviously an advantage, but otherwise – don’t try to find one at all costs. There’s no self-service in Denmark. The Italian dish valve is the standard type there – remember about that before planning your trip as your country may be using a different type of filling valves.


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