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Tankpedal - refueling by foot

Self-service autogas refueling has been standard in many European countries for years. Most drivers have probably got used to pressing the switch on the pump and holding it throughout the process long ago, but there's still room for improvement. How about pressing it with your... foot?
The Tankpedal© TankpedalNeed to refuel with autogas? Well, step on it!

In Germany, where self-service is standard and where the popularity of autogas has been flourishing lately, drivers have their own techniques of pressing the button and keeping it pressed – by index finger, by thumb, by fist, by open hand or by leaning against it with a shoulder – but still it has to be pressed and there's no escaping it. It might not be particularly comfortable, especially if the tank is large and capacious, but what can you do if there are laws and safety regulations imposed over you? Not much, unless you think out-of-the-box and come up with something else entirely.

Which is pretty much what German company Luhmann did. They invented a way to operate the pump not with your hand or arm, but instead with your foot. Well, why the hell not? You have to stand and wait for the tank to fill up anyway, so you might just as well stand on a pedal, thus allowing LPG flow into the tank of your car. No numbness in the arm as a result of keeping it up for a while, no sore thumbs, no inconvenience! Yes, it may sound like art for art's sake, but it just happens to be convenient and comfortable to use. And we like convenient and comfortable things, don't we?


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Robert Markowski
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