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New subsidies for gas cars

Unfortunately, this information concerns only the Canadian market, specifically the province of Quebec – the largest in Canada. The local government will subsidize 30% of the additional costs associated with investments in heavy transport fleets fuelled with natural gas.

The funding is limited to $US 75000 per company. It applies to solutions based on natural gas in compressed (CNG) and liquefied (LNG) form. The transport sector is responsible for 42,5% of GHG emissions in Quebec. Cars, freight trains and ships account for almost one third of total greenhouse gas emissions in transport.

Many companies in Quebec have already switched to gas fuel (e. g. Robert Transport or EBI), as gas vehicles emit 25% less greenhouse gasses and are about 40% cheaper than diesels. Natural gas is also an excellent fuel for ships and trains. Gaz Metro would like the government money to be also spent on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in marine and railway sectors by encouraging the use of cleaner gas fuel.

The measures announced today are important, because they will help speed up the use of natural gas as fuel, resulting in an immediate reduction of up to 25% in greenhouse gas emissions.

Sophie Brochu, CEO of Gaz Metro – the biggest natural gas distribution company in Quebec


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