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Repsol, Fiat, autogas and Portugal

Wonder what the above four have in common? Quite a lot, apparently, as Repsol (a Spanish oil and gas company) and Fiat (the Italian automaker) decided to extend their current autogas agreement and enter the Portuguese market together.
A Fiat 500 at a Repsol autogas station© Repsol/FiatMore autogas-powered Fiats and more Repsol stations to refuel them at - these are the basic points of the two companies' agreement

The two companies started their collaboration in January 2013 when the original agreement was signed, then concerning exclusively the Spanish autogas market. Seeing the cooperation bear fruit, Repsol and Fiat executives decided to extend it to the neighbouring market of Portugal, which, incidentally, is already larger than Spanish one in terms of autogas-powered vehicle number (there are 50 thousand cars running on LPG in Portugal as opposed to Spain's 20 thousand).

The extended partnership means Repsol and Fiat will jointly work towards developing and providing incentives for the introduction and expansion of the existing market by offering new cars (on Fiat's part) and making autogas more widely available through the country's refueling infrastructure (on Repsol's part).

It goes without saying Fiat is a major autogas-powered car manufacturer, with nearly every model in its line-up available with optional conversion, whereas Repsol is the leading distributor of autogas in the Iberian Peninsula, as well as a propagator of the alternative fuel. The latter company has over 200 stations in Spain and approx. 50 of them in Portugal, although under the new agreement the number is bound to rise. Admittedly, the untapped potential of the Spanish and Portuguese markets waits to be fully exploited.


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