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Spanish police switches to autogas

Benidorm, a Spanish city in the province of Alicante, has acquired 13 new police patrol cars to replace some aging vehicles. Two Ford B-MAX vans of the new fleet feature bi-fuel (LPG/petrol) technology to cut costs and emissions.
Benidorm's fleet of new police cars© NGV JournalTwo of these run on LPG autogas. Can you tell which ones?

Two LPG-powered police cars aren't many, but this could be the beginning of wide-scale adoption of autogas in Benidorm. Much depends on feedback from police officers who are going to use these newly delivered vehicles, but we expect the experience to be none but positive and so more conversions could follow soon.

Before the cars were presented to the public, Pepe Marcet, the city's Councilor for Public Safety and Environment, signed a cooperation agreement with Francisco Fernández-Pacheco Cotillo, a representative of Repsol (Spanish oil company) to promote the use of LPG autogas as motor fuel in Benidorm. Seems like Repsol is teaming up with everyone they can to get more LPG-powered vehicles on the roads of Spain, but of course ultimately this is a good thing.

It is a commitment acquired by the City Council, framed under the Pact of Mayors, to reduce CO2 emissions in the city. If good results are obtained with this alternative fuel, we will add more propane-powered vehicles, not only for local police but also for other municipal departments.

Pepe Marcet, Benidorm's Councilor for Public Safety and Environment


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