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Repsol refreshes fleet with 180 autogas cars

If you follow our news, you know that the Spanish oil and energy company Repsol is no stranger to LPG autogas. In fact, they're an avid advocate of the fuel. So much so that they've just purchased 180 cars running on it as a part of a fleet renewal scheme.
A fleet of LPG-powered Opel Insignias for Repsol© Repsol180 times more affordable and less harmful to the environment - Repsol's new fleet of LPG-powered Opel Insignias

The 180 new cars are all examples of the same vehicle – the factory-converted Opel Insignia featuring a turbocharged 1,4-litre four-cylinder engine, offering 140 PS of power, which is perfectly sufficient for the D-segment model. By choosing it and purchasing such a considerable quantity in one go Repsol reaffirms its commitment to autogas, which is gaining popularity in the company's homeland of Spain, in no small part thanks to its ongoing support.

Repsol operates one of the largest networks of autogas stations in Spain, both on the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearics. There are over 350 publicly available retail points under the Repsol brand across the country, plus a number of privately owned stations built for in-house use of large fleet operators. The public network keeps growing as the use of autogas flourishes year to year. We must admit we appreciate Repsol's "practice what you preach" approach to autogas and we're sure the effort will result in further development of the local autogas market.


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