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Repsol and Renault support autogas in Spain

This is not the first time Repsol – the Spanish petroleum company – partners with a car manufacturer to support the sales of LPG-powered cars in its home market. In fact, Repsol has already joined forces with the Renault Group in the past. Now they've done it again.
Renault and Repsol representatives sign the agreement© RepsolFrançois Grandjeat (Renault Group) and Francisco Javier Villacorta (Repsol) signed the agreement to reinforce the two companies' commitment to promotion of LPG autogas

The Spanish autogas market may be small (37 thousand LPG-powered cars across the country), but it's thanks to such initiatives that it has the opportunity to grow. The original agreement was signed in June, 2014, and has been in operation since, but now, to reinforce the commitment, Repsol and Renault-Dacia have signed another document. What does it state?

Repsol, a company operating 300 autogas retail points across Spain (with approx. 100 new ones added annually), will use its potential to support sales of Renault Group's LPG-powered cars, including the Renault Clio and several Dacia models: the Sandero, Logan, Logan MCV, Duster, Lodgy, Dokker and Dokker Van.

Cars powered with autogas instead of petrol prove much more economical and environmentally friendly. They provide fuel bills lower by approx. 40% compared to petrol-powered counterparts. In terms of environmental performance, LPG-powered cars contribute much less to deterioration of urban air quality since they emit considerably smaller amounts of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides (NOX). Their CO2 emissions are also remarkably reduced.

Spanish authorities appreciate the advantages of autogas by offering a rebate on the Impuesto sobre Vehículos de Tracción Mecánica (Tax on Mechanically Powered Vehicles, IVTM) and public grants from the PIVE 7 and PIMA Aire support programs.

The agreement with Renault strengthens the Repsol Group's commitment to offer a wide variety of clean and efficient fuels at a competitive price, as well as to sustainable mobility that meets the customers' needs.

Francisco Javier Villacorta, Repsol

Dacia LPG profits in Spain multiplied by ten between 2013 and 2014 and continue growing rapidly in 2015. Lodgy, for example, already dedicates 28% of its sales to LPG and is a taxi market leader in Madrid, with a market share of 37% in the sector. It's an exciting situation that confirms our commitment to this technology.

François Grandjeat, Renault Group


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