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Europegas, a European manufacturer of high-quality, innovative electronic and mechanical components for autogas systems, doesn't get stuck in the doldrums and branches into absolutely new products.
Oscar 32 OBD© EuropegasThe Oscar 32 OBD ECU

The OSCAR 32 OBD, a new product awarded an INPRO statuette at the 2014 edition of the GasShow fair, has been founded on upgraded hardware platform and now works under control of a real-time operating system. All the tasks are being handled as they come in, typically without buffering delays. Processing time requirements are measured in tenths of seconds or shorter. Reduction of ECU size makes it possible to extend the controller's functionality and pack everything into one small box with a single 32-pin automotive Molex connector.

The OSCAR 55 DYNAMIC is the world’s first sequential autogas injection system controller integrated with a Timing Advance Processor device. The ECU controls gas injection and the vehicle’s ignition advance angle simultaneously. This unique solution came as result of merging the OSCAR 32 OBD ECU with an EG DYNAMIC. The EG DYNAMIC Timing Advance Processor ensures better engine performance, improves driving dynamics and makes driving more economical. Thanks to the possibility of scanning and supporting various digital and analogue sensor signals it is possible to advance the ignition in a wide range of vehicles.

Oscar 55 Dynamic© EuropegasThe Oscar 55 Dynamic ECU

Europegas' Research & Development department is also working on an entirely new LPG sequential reducer and vapour state filter. These products are still in the pipeline, but their worldwide debut is expected within a few months.

However, developing new products is by no means Europegas' only field of operation. Broadening the offer is accompanied by an expansion of the distribution network. Europegas cooperates with foreign branches in Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Thailand, Cambodia and since April 2014 a Europegas office also exists in the USA, namely in Marlette, Michigan. This enables the company a transition to a new, higher stage of cooperation with Europegas' long-term American partners. These changes were necessary to improve customer service in both commercial and technical aspects.


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