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KME Nevo Star - ode on a Grecian ECU

The customer is always right, says one of the basic principles in any kind of business. It's also true when it comes to the autogas industry – if a customer (e. g. a local distributor) requires a customised product, tailored to the specific needs and conditions of his or her market, he or she gets it.
KME Nevo Star and Nevo Star OSA ECU's© AutoSoumpasisThe stars of the Greek autogas system market - KME Nevo Star and Nevo Star OSA ECU's

This is precisely the situation with new variants of the KME Nevo ECU's, bearing extra nameplates: Star and Star OSA. They have been designed specifically for the Greek market and are distributed locally by just one company, the one whose idea it was to make the Nevo Star in the first place – AutoSoumpasis. The custom versions' software communicates exclusively with Star ECU's and the interface features Greek language option, which only goes to show the very made-to-order nature of the product. On top of it, the graphic layout contains elements specific to the distributor and dominant blue-and-white colours (those of the Greek flag).

KME has also modified the ECU's in terms of their operating algorithms in accordance with requests and suggestions from the product's ultimate distributor. No wonder, after all the Nevo Star has come to be to suit the needs of a single market and needs no universal settings which would make it work anywhere in the world. Presets have been adjusted to the specifics of the Greek climate and Greek drivers' driving style, which is all the custom-made Nevo needs. It's a non-compromising product, for compromise is just not required here.

Now, you may ask why we present this product to you if it's only available in one country, and not a particularly big one, for that matter. Well, we did it to demonstrate the flexibility of the autogas sector and its cliché-free approach. When need arises or a customer with certain needs and expectations arrives, an off-the-shelf product can be easily modified and customised („tuned”, if you will) to meet those specific expectations. Because there's yet another principle in business: if you don't do it, somebody else will.


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