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Master Truck - of tuning and... diesel-gas!

The Master Truck International Tuned Trucks Gathering, which took place at the beginning of July 2012, proved a great opportunity to promote the idea of converting Diesel engines to run partially on autogas. Thouosands of visitors and hundreds of truckers and fleet operators admired the fantastically customised vehicles, but also – at the stand – had the chance to learn of easy ways to cut fuel bills.
Have you ever seen a sea of trucks? Take a good look!© gazeo.comA fraction of the Master Truck venue at the Aeroclub of Opole

Autogas systems for self-ignition engines seem to be winning over truck fleet operators. Still, knowledge of diesel-gas technology is not commonplace. In order to make it be, we consider it best to constantly present and promote the very concept of what mixing diesel and LPG is all about. set out to do that in 2011, when we first participated in Master Truck to show the benefits and potential savings of converting a heavy-duty Diesel engine to partially run on autogas. In 2012, two manufacturers of diesel-gas systems – Elpigaz and Europegas – united at's stand at the Aeroclub of Opole venue to display cutting-edge technology and boast of their achievements in the field. In order to better convince drivers, we brought certain aids – converted diesel trucks (a Scania R with a DEGAmix system and a Renault Premium with an Oscar-N Diesel, fitted by Auto-Mida-Gaz) and vans (a Mercedes Vito 2,2 and a Fiat Ducato 2,3 JTD). The Merc was a mobile diesel-gas conversion garage belonging to GasCar, an authorised installer of Elpigaz equipment. This car too was converted with a DEGAmix system. The Fiat van had an Oscar-N Diesel under the bonnet.

The dyno has landed. Literally!© gazeo.comUnloading the V-Tech dyno testbench

Both vans were used to demonstrate how power and torque of Diesel engines rise after an LPG system is fitted. In order to stage the display, a dynamometer was inevitable and we had one delivered by V-Tech – a manufacturer of such devices. The dyno made it possible to prove how injecting relatively small portions of autogas into diesel fuel enhances a vehicle's driving parameters. Over two days of the Master Truck event, both converted vans were dyno-tested several times each, which only went to show the visitors of our stand how much there is to gain. This was also the time for asking questions and learning all there is to learn about modern diesel-gas technology. The power measure tests attracted a lot of attention from by-standers, who afterwards remained at the Autogas Zone to get first-hand knowledge and experience from engineers and installers. The talks were often quite lengthy and packed with detailed questions.

Hauling load may save loads of money© gazeo.comTalking diesel-gas by a Renault Premium with an Oscar-N Diesel system

The event proved fruitful for autogas systems installers, too, as they took the opportunity to talk to potential customers. As our partners in the Autogas Zone pointed out, participating in events like the Master Truck is crucial for spreading thorough, first-hand knowledge of diesel-gas technology among executives from the transport business. It is already visible that the solution is becoming widely known, even when compared to the state of affairs during the 2011 edition of the trucking event. Fewer visitors asked what diesel-gas is, more needed to find out how much there is to save. Also, everyone interested could get an informative brochure prepared by This first-ever in Poland publication dedicated to LPG systems for heavy-duty vehicles helps organise basic information concerning autogas, describes diesel-gas systems available on the market today and provides answers to those considering construction of a private LPG fueling station within a company's premises.

Viewers could actually see how power and torque grow on diesel-LPG mixture© gazeo.comMeasuring power and torque in a Mercedes Vito converted with a DEGAmix system

The booklet also presents examples of trucks converted to run in part on LPG, potential savings and fuel consumption figures for assorted trucks, vans and buses. A number of truck fleet operators were interested in having their vehicles converted. They asked for prices, conversion details, engine durability once converted and, obviously, money that can be saved. Admittedly, there were also voices of scepticism towards autogas, coming from those who probably had the bad luck of encountering an incompetent installer or failed to maintain their cars properly. The practitioners present at our stand advised those disappointed users to chose installers wisely and make sure the LPG system fits the vehicle.

An LPG truck is no fantasy - it is reality!© gazeo.comThe Autogas Zone

The 2012 Master Truck edition proved the point of promoting autogas directly among the fuel's users. Not every conversation needs to end up in signing a contract – sometimes it is absolutely enough to raise awareness among potential users in terms of potential saving and how easy it is to achieve them. Stay tuned for more diesel-gas-related information – this technology is definitely gaining momentum!


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