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Europegas opens US branch

Europegas opens US branch © Europegas

Europegas – automotive gas systems manufacturer from Białystok, Poland – has opened a new branch in the USA. Open days organized at Europegas USA made for a perfect opportunity to learn more about the company and its products.
Europegas USA staff© EuropegasEuropegas USA staff and visitors from the company’s headquarters

Europegas USA is located in Marlette, MI. To celebrate the opening of this new branch, many attractions have been prepared, including test drives in LPG-powered cars and presentations of Europegas products.

Visitors had the opportunity to get to know the staff, as well as the company’s headquarters at the location with an area of 10 thousand m2.

Europegas’s Polish headquarters from Białystok were represented by the company’s president Tomasz Urwan and export manager Katerina Rozhko.

The initiative attracted interest from the representatives of gas industry, as well as local media. An article on Europegas USA was published in Marlette Leader Newspaper, and an interview with Katerina Rozhko has been broadcast in local radio stations.

The opening of the branch is a transition to a new, higher stage of cooperation with our long-term American partners. Adam Filkins – Chief Executive Officer; Director of Sales – Randy Filkins; and Herb Deming – Lead Technician – are creators of Europegas USA. We believe that this way of cooperation will improve customer service in a typical commercial and technical aspects.

Tomasz Urwan, president of Europegas


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