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Kamaz 6520-33 CNG/LNG - two-faced methane

The GasSUF 2013 exhibition saw the debut of yet another methane-powered truck from Kamaz. The 6520-33 model, a 6x4 dumper, features a methane injection system capable of using fuel stored in two states of matter on the same vehicle.
Kamaz 6520-33 CNG/LNG© KamazThe 6520-33 CNG/LNG at the GasSUF 2013

The Kamaz features both high-pressure CNG cylinders, storing vapour state methane at 20 MPa, and a criogenic tank to store natural gas in liquefied form. Both have been mounted on the vehicle's frame and collectively hold 464 m3 of methane (calculated as CNG equivalent).

The LNG tank's gross capacity is 600 l, which means it can store the equivalent of 13 CNG tanks' capacity. The overall amount is sufficient to provide the dumper with an impressive range of 800 km without refueling.


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