65th IAA Frankfurt 2013 - let the feast begin!

On September 12 the 65th edition of one of Europe's and the world's greatest motor shows, the Frankfurt IAA, will begin. And since green and clean cars are almost as numerous these days as petrol- and diesel-fueled ones, we'll be there for you to cover this huge event.
© IAAThe world's most automobile show? We'll see...

The IAA is no joke of a show – the world's biggest brands don't have stands to showcase their latest models on, but they have entire pavillions instead! World premieres are no mere new bodystyles or mild facelifts, but true reveals of cars never seen before by the eyes of the public. Rarely is so much horsepower gathered under one roof, especially in so much style. Given the global economic downturn seems to be fading away, the Frankfurt vanity fair should again glitter in all its glory this year.

As for us, we'll obviously focus on what's clean and green – LPG- and CNG-powered cars, hybrids and EV's. If we manage, we'll try and catch a glimpse of the most exciting „regular” cars and then, once we're back, we'll reveal it all to you gradually. All the while we'll try to convey the atmosphere of this huge automotive feast, where bling and business go together well. Follow for updates on the 2013 IAA!


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