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Blue Corridor 2017 has reached destination

Blue Corridor 2017 has reached destination © Gazprom

On October 5, the 2017 edition of the Blue Corridor NGV rally, bearing the self-explanatory Iberia-Baltia subtitle, concluded having reached St. Petersburg, Russia. Just in time to attend the International Gas Forum conference taking place there.
Ural NEXT CNG/LNG© GazpromAs long as it's natural gas, the Ural will take it - it has pressure vessels behind the cabin and cryogenic tanks on the frame

This year's edition of the event, which features methane-powered vehicles only, was the 11th in its history. The 2017 Blue Corridor, a rally in which there's no competition at all, set off from Lisbon, Portugal, on September 18. Having covered over 5300 km via 12 countries, including Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland and the Baltic states, the participants reached their destination after 19 days on the road. This year's edition's goal was to promote the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as motor fuel for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, some of which also took part in the event.

LNG-powered trucks tackled the demanding route without problems or range anxiety. Several such vehicles set off from Lisbon and reached St. Petersburg, including two of the first of their kind in Russia – a Ural NEXT (with mobile workshop bodywork and a crane) and a KAMAZ. Prototypes of both were developed with input from Gazprom, who will put them on pilot duty programmes by late 2017. Also participating were LNG trucks by Iveco, Scania and MAZ, as well as CNG-powered cars from Volkswagen, Seat and Lada, among others.

As usual, the 2017 edition of the rally was accompanied by conferences held along the route, during which natural gas as motor fuel use was promoted, with help from local politicians, media, experts, representatives of manufacturers of featured vehicles and the oil and gas industry professionals. Such additional events took place in Lisbon, Milan, Ulm, Berlin and Tallinn this year. And once the caravan reached St. Petersburg, an official closing ceremony was held, featuring organisers and main sponsors of the entire event – Gazprom and Uniper.


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