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Cyprian capital builds a network

You would think European autogas refueling network is already well established all over the continent. And yet there are places where stations are few and far between, one of them being Cyprus. However, things are about to change for better.
A fuel station in Nicosia, Cyprus© auto-gas.netCyprian fuel stations are beginning to feature LPG. This is great news for motorists!

The fact that autogas refueling network in Cyprus is just at the beginning of its development is probably best evidenced by the following piece of information: when authorities in Nicosia issued three new licenses for fuel stations to start retailing LPG recently, the number of such facilities in the city... doubled! But mind you, the previous three licenses were all granted in 2016, which means the network isn't growing slowly – it's just been growing for a very short time. In fact, the ministerial decree allowing retail sales of autogas was only published in March 2016.

The arrival of autogas distribution spots is already encouraging drivers to convert their cars. The cost of having a car adapted to run on LPG in Cyprus is currently between 1000 and 1500 euros, which is set to pay back within approximately 3 years at current fuel prices. However, as the refueling network expands, autogas pump price is set to drop, cutting the recoup time and boosting savings. Let us wish Cyprian motorists many new stations soon!


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