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Canada poised to expand autogas network

A recent change introduced to Canadian legislation means LPG autogas dispensers can from now on be placed alongside petrol and diesel pumps on refueling islands at fuel stations across the country. This should give the alternative fuel a boost!
LPG station in Canada© Superior Energy SystemsAutogas will no longer be separated from other fuels

The new rules apply to both private fleet stations and publicly available LPG distribution spots. In fact, the new regulation isn't limited to Canada, but will also be implemented in the US. The certifications issued by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) confirm that all autogas dispensers that receive it comply with the National Fire Protection Association's requirements for such equipment.

While adding LPG dispensers to fueling islands may primarily be viewed in terms of improved convenience, which is true, it also serves to boost the public image of autogas – now it's going to be perceived as one of three equal options, not as something different, distanced from petrol and diesel due to supposed inferiority of some kind. Let's hope the change will help LPG flourish as motor fuel in America.

The first company to receive CSA's certification is Superior Energy Systems, manufacturer of Pro-Vend dispensers, including the electronic, web-based, customizable Pro-Vend 2000 model.

Superior Energy Systems is in a virtual state of research and development, tirelessly working to meet all standards and make propane autogas easier to adopt in both private and centralized settings. Superior Energy Systems has established itself as the industry leader in manufacturing propane autogas dispensers that are safer, more reliable and easier to operate.

Mike Walters, vice president of safety and training


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