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Autogas makes do with three wheels in Nigeria

Autogas is a fuel so good that it doesn't need four wheels for vehicles it powers – three are perfectly enough. Meet Nigeria's latest LPG-fueled tricycles, one of the first vehicles running on the world's most popular alternative motor fuel in Africa.
An autogas-powered tricycle on display in Nigeria© auto-gas.netPractically any combustion engine can be converted to run on LPG and this tiny machine's unit is no exception

It was just a matter of time for Africa to become the next promised land for autogas. We saw it coming a few years ago, when LPG was still used primarily as household fuel, not motor one, and now it's happening. An autogas-powered tricycle launched by THLD International Logistics Limited is a part of the revolution.

In fact, not only is the vehicle a three-wheeler, but it also features an air-cooled engine, which means LPG can go without four wheels and coolant, too! Of course, the tricycle is just an example of how versatile autogas is, with converted passenger cars and ligh-duty vans also gradually appearing on Nigerian streets.

THLD wants to set up conversion centres around the country to facilitate switching over from conventional fuels to LPG. Incorporating autogas pumps into existing fuel stations is also vital for the fuel to take off, but that shouldn't be too difficult, since approx. 20% of stations already offered bottled LPG for domestic use.

And speaking of domestic, Nigeria has vast reserves of oil and gas, so all autogas the country needs can be produced locally. Or even more, so exports could provide neighbouring countries with the affordable alternative fuel. We will keep an eye out for more Africa-related news concerning LPG and we're sure this kind of information will now appear much more often than before.


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