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Nigeria to benefit from autogas

If you keep a list of countries belonging to the worldwide community of autogas users, be sure to add Nigeria – the African state is bound to join the LPG bandwagon, although not without a little help from their friends.
A THLD LPG dispenser at a fuel station© auto-gas.netYet another country is adopting autogas. We're not surprised, but we're excited! Incidentally, the dispenser pictured above is a Compac product

Autogas is being introduced to Nigeria by THLD International Logistic Limited. The reason is the same as it has always been everywhere else – to offer drivers a more affordable alternative to petrol and diesel. There is no tradition of using the fuel in the country, but THLD accepts the challenge of promoting LPG and hopes to convince more Nigerians to use it.

While autogas isn't exactly new to the African state, its market presence has to date been limited. THLD hopes to change the situation in favour of LPG by constructing a local factory of LPG trailers, bobtail, skid tank, cylinders, autogas tanks and storage tanks. The plant will reportedly be the first of its kind on the entire continent and, apart from supplying goods, is intended to help making use of the alternative fuel a commonplace habit.

Conversion centres will also be set up throughout Nigeria. They will be equipped and staffed to enable converting not just cars, but also heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks and buses. Now that's what you call thorough approach. We wish THLD success, but also hope competition will arrive soon to boost market development. We've long believed Africa is the next promised land for autogas and now it's proving true. We'll keep our fingers crossed!

I have lived in the UK most of my life and have seen how Europeans and Americans, even the Asians, live and use their natural resources to full capacity. But that has not been the case with Nigeria, where there are more deposits of oil and gas than the nation needs. It is, to help, in putting some of these maladies into correction that THLD was brought to Nigeria.

Olusegun Olajuwan, CEO of THLD


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