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CNG plant in Nigeria almost ready

CNG (compressed natural gas) as motor fuel may be strongest in parts of the world like Iran, Pakistan, the US or Germany, but it's also establishing itself in Africa. The new plant in Nigeria is bound to boost adoption of this alternative energy resource.
CNG plant© Fuel Marketer NewsThe Green Gas facility is Nigeria's one step closer towards widespread adoption of CNG as motor fuel

The Green Gas Ltd facility, a joint venture between NIPCO (Nigerian Independent Petroleum Company) and NGC (Nigerian Gas Company), is located in Ibafon, Ogun, and its purpose is going to be to produce natural gas for powering vehicles. It will probably not suffice for the entire country, but should be enough to provide fuel for the region.

According to official information, the facility is 95% ready and will be fully operational sometime in 2015. Green Gas Ltd has already set up seven CNG stations through which methane fuel will be retailed, with ten more under construction. Four of them will be launched along the Benin-Warri highway, two on the Benin-Asaba highway, one on the Benin-Lagos highway, one on the Benin-Abuja expressway and one in Delta. We're sure more CNG-related news from Africa is bound to follow.


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