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Public autogas station opens in Georgetown

The number of autogas stations in the US is growing, but many of them are private ones, belonging to and used by companies running fleets of LPG-powered commercial vehicles. That's why opening a public refueling facility is something of an event.
Ribbon cutting ceremony at a new LPG station's opening© auto-gas.netNot all airports of bridges gather as many officials at opening ceremonies as the new autogas station in Georgetown!

The fact that the station is public doesn't necessarily mean that it will encourage individual drivers to make the switch from petrol to autogas, but it just might. Plus, it is also expected to attract small fleets, for whom building their own on-the-premises dispensers just doesn't add up. Since the new station operates around the clock (24/7), fleet operators may indeed find it interesting.

The facility is located in Georgetown, Delaware, as one of only a few autogas retail points in the vicinity. It is operated by Chesapeake Utilities Corporation and Sharp Energy Inc., its wholly-owned subsidiary. The ribbon was cut on June 30, 2016 by Chesapeake and Sharp Energy, in the presence of state, local and company officials and now the station is available to anyone willing to cut their vehicles' fuel bills and emissions.

We are very proud to add this fuelling station to Sussex County. The stations are supporting the company’s environmental initiatives in supplying Autogas, a clean burning alternative fuel, to the rapidly growing number of fleet vehicles in the area. We know LPG-powered vehicles produce up to 20% lower emissions than gasoline vehicles and offer substantial cost savings on fuel and maintenance.

Elaine B. Bittner, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development and Chief Operating Officer of Sharp Energy, Inc.


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