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Autogas Euroconnector big hit in US

The so called Euroconnector hasn't really caught on in Europe, where it was designed to become the unified autogas refueling nozzle standard across the continent. However, it may just establish itself as the universally available solution across the Atlantic...
The Euroconnector as offered by Stäubli© gazeo.comYou've seen one autogas nozzle, you've seen them all? Not exactly - the Euroconnector is the simplest and most convenient of them all

There are as many as six different autogas refueling connectors in use around the world, including three in the European Union alone. Arguably, few drivers drive from one continent to another, but when you travel between countries, it may become an issue. In fact, there are countries (e. g. Germany) where you may come across all three connectors, depending on the region. The Euroconnector was meant to make things simple, but it's adoption is far from widespread. This may soon change since the nozzle has been recently presented in the US and received a very enthusiastic welcome.

And why shouldn't it? It's safe to use, friendly for the environment (LPG emissions at uncoupling are minimal) and very simple to operate. It's actually astonishing that, despite all its advantages, it hasn't to date been adopted in Europe, besides maybe some regions of Spain and Portugal. Meanwhile, all US operators who come across it and get a chance to test it, one by one instantly fall in love with it. In fact, American LPG industry leaders forecast the Euroconnector's inevitable widespread adoption, as they believe it's so superior to any other standard used until now, including the currently popular ACME nozzle.

Euroconnector coupling in the car© gazeo.comThe protruding coupling may just be the only drawback of the European-style nozzle

Blossman Gas, a company from the state of Mississippi, has already started the transition to Euroconnector standard, especially having heard that previously used couplings sometimes proved inconvenient or even caused minor safety incidents. In fact, a meeting on the matter was held during the Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo in Atlanta in 2014 and it was agreed that the industry should move forward with the European-style solution. In their opinion, the Euroconnector provides the most positive fueling experience of all nozzles and sets a high standard to help promote autogas as a modern fuel. Imported nozzles (by Stäubli and Elaflex) are currently in use, having received the required UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certificates of approval, but sooner or later American manufacturers will most probably provide their own models.

We've felt it for a while now that the US are growing big in terms of LPG autogas, but we sure didn't see this coming – a country across the Atlantic accepting (and with great enthusiasm, too) a technology invented in Europe, designed for use in Europe, but which has never really made it in Europe. Not so far, at least, but maybe the whole thing will "backfire” in a positive way and EU countries will eventually adopt the Euroconnector if it proves successful across the pond? Although it may return to the Old Continent as the Americonnector...


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