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First Euro 6 CNG diesel-gas truck delivered

Implementation of the Euro 6 emission standard across Europe doesn't mean diesel-gas technology will stop in its tracks. The first Euro 6-compliant dual fuel truck, equipped with a Prins system, has just been delivered to Howard Tenens, a UK-based company.
Howard Tenens' dual-fuel Mercedes Actros© Prins AutogasHoward Tenens' dual-fuel Mercedes Actros - the first dual-fuel Euro 6-compliant truck in Europe

According to Prins Autogas and Howard Tenens, this is the first diesed-to-partial-CNG-injection Euro 6 vehicle conversion in Europe, based on a new Mercedes Actros semi-truck tractor. The question of whether Euro 6-compliant vehicles will or won't be able to be converted to partially run on gaseous fuels thus seems to be answered once and for all, at least as far as CNG is concerned.

While OEM dual-fuel technology is underway, it's not predicted to hit the market until 2 years from now and Howard Tenens didn't want to wait so long. They needed an alternative to diesels and they needed it fast, so they approached Prins to provide a solution. And here it is – the first vehicle took delivery on November 3, 2014, although it's bound to be followed by another one (this time a DAF) soon.

But coming back to the truck at hand, it's an Actros 2445 with a 12,8/450 engine and a 44000 kg GVW. It features a 93 kg CNG tank to provide appropriate driving range. Of course, should natural gas run out the engine will automatically switch to run on diesel fuel only, but that's not the point, since CNG should be used at all times to slash emissions and operating costs.

We are proud to be taking delivery of the first Euro VI dual fuel conversion, not only in the UK but in Europe. The partnership between Howard Tenens and Prins supports our commitment to sustainable logistics, underpinned by an enthusiastic and forward thinking approach to engineering which surmounts challenges.

Jamie Hartles, Commercial and Marketing Director Howard Tenens

Prins Autogassystemen B.V. exceeded our expectations in producing the engine system in under two months. This is a testament to the quality and flexibility of the Prins Dieselblend-2.0 system. Prins UK have formed a great partnership with Howard Tenens who we find to be a forward thinking and innovative logistics company and look forward to more pioneer projects down the road. Prins UK will have 3 different makes of Euro VI conversion systems available running natural gas by the end of Q1 2015.

Will Putter – Commercial Director Prins UK


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