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Sri Lanka approves 500 LPG stations

With 9500 autogas-powered vehicles and 22 refueling stations across the country, Sri Lanka is everything but an LPG mogul. This is about to change thanks to the recent approval to build 500 new retail outlets for the gaseous fuel.
Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka© auto-gas.netThe way things are going, soon LPG autogas will cease to be called alternative fuel. Popular as it is becoming worldwide, it will just be another fuel in no time

Land transport in Sri Lanka relies in 93% on road transport, so adding an affordable, environmentally friendly fuel that could quickly catch on and become popular is much needed and anticipated by many. Especially that LPG is used to great success in millions of vehicles in so many countries across the world. Why shouldn't Sri Lanka be a part of that success story? No reason could be found, apparently, as so Beximco Petroleum has been given the green light to start developing new stations. Without them few motorists will take the risk of having their cars converted, although we know instances of there being hundreds of thousands of autogas-powered cars in use with not a single station to officially refuel them at.

In order to establish and run the new stations, Beximco will have to go through a lot of formalities. First of all, the company will have to sign an agreement with the Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation, but not before receiving clearance from the Department of Environment, Department of Explosives, Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission, Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution, and Fire Service and Civil Defence. Let's just hope – for the sake of Sri Lanka's motorists – the necessary paperwork can be obtained quickly and serious construction work can begin so that the autogas market can get a kick start. We'll keep our fingers crossed!


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