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Ford buyers in Canada get LPG option

Suzanne Roy Ford Inc. is set to become the first Blue Oval dealership in Quebec, Canada, to offer autogas-powered trucks. The news comes in the wake of signing a partnership between the Ford showroom and AAP – Alliance AutoPropane.
A Ford pick-up truck refueled with LPG at a station in Canada© Alliance AutoPropaneFord has been offering autogas-powered cars and trucks in the US for a while, so why not in Canada, too?

The dealership, the first in Canada owned by a woman, is today, over 30 years after it opened, the largest Ford distributor in the region. Alliance AutoPropane on the other hand is the fastest growing network of LPG refueling stations and conversion shops in the eastern part of the country. By teaming up, the companies hope to make a significant impact on the quickly blossoming autogas market. Demand is on the rise and since Ford offers a number of LPG-powered models south of the Canadian border, in the US, Suzanne Roy's decision to bet on the cleaner, cheaper fuel seems only reasonable. We are sure it's going to prove right very soon!

By becoming an AAP member and an authorized conversion centre, our dealership is in a strong position to encourage Ford customers, individual owners, and commercial fleets to convert their vehicles immediately to hybrid [petrol/LPG] engines. Personally, it feels wonderful to know that, as car retail professionals, we can find innovative ways to contribute to a greener tomorrow. We hope that our commitment to convert as many cars as possible to cleaner engines will motivate others in our business to join Alliance AutoPropane and make a difference today.

Suzanne Roy, founder and president, Suzanne Roy Ford Inc.


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