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Ford Transit LPG - you plug, it plays

Following months of contradicting announcements, the autogas-powered Ford Transit is finally here. Well, in fact it's not here, but over there, in the United States. The van features a 3,7-litre engine, unthinkably big in Europe.
Ford Transit LPG© FordThe Euro-spec Transit features a 2,2-litre Diesel engine, the US one - a 3,7-litre petrol-powered V6 which can be converted to run on LPG or CNG. To each his own...

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has granted the first certification for an LPG-powered Ford Transit van. Unlike its European counterpart that is motivated exclusively by Diesel engines, the US-bound Transit offers a 3,7-litre V6 unit running on petrol (among other variants), so there's potential for CNG and LPG conversions. The certification has been obtained by Alliance AutoGas and first vehicles are expected to hit the market soon.

Interestingly and conveniently, the Transit features a plug & play conversion that requires no manifold drilling, cutting or splicing of wiring. The autogas system is easy and quick to install, cutting the required time in half. Alliance AutoGas is very confident of the system's performance, offering a five-year warranty with a mileage limit of 100 thousand miles (approx. 160 thousand km). To make things even simpler and more convenient, the LPG-converted Transit will feature the Euroconnector-style refueling nozzle.

At today's fuel prices in the US, the LPG-powered Ford van is said to cut the bills by at least 35%. Although Alliance AutoGas remains coy on specifics, multiple tank capacity options are said to be available to meet various range/load/cargo volume needs and requirements. Hopefully all or most of those options involve using a toroidal LPG tank fitted to the underbody on the rear overhang, thus preserving the van's full cargo usability. We'll share more details with you as they come.

Our order queue has been off the charts even when the certification was pending. The Ford Transit 3,7 l bi-fuel autogas system conversion by far and away, is Alliances’ largest and most popular platform yet. The number of requests exponentially exceeds all prior platform conversion requests we’ve ever seen.

Ed Hoffman, president of Blossman Services, the founder company of Alliance AutoGas


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