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A conversion time record

How long does a conversion take? This time the question is: how short can it take? Alliance AutoGas decided to make it as quick as possible to showcase its new product – a plug & play autogas system.
Alliance AutoGas' Ford F-150 undergoing LPG conversion© Alliance AutoGasHow fast can you convert a Ford F-150 to run on LPG? Alliance AutoGas' technicians can do it in 92 minutes!

A Ford F-150 with a 3,5-litre V6 EcoBoost engine is no small car, but the key point here is that it's a popular fleet vehicle and that demand for its conversions is on the rise. So how long do you think it takes to convert the pick-up to run on cleaner, greener and cheaper LPG autogas instead of petrol? Alliance AutoGas' technicians Stephen Holland and Stacey Snyder expected to complete the job in two hours, but actually managed to get it done in slightly above an hour and a half (1:32:25 precisely). Good job, gentlemen!

The conversion was not only displayed, but actually carried out during the recent 2016 edition of the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, in front of an audience of 100 spectators. The new solution used for the switch is called the Engineered Conversion System and is a ready-made kit requiring no drilling and featuring a single plug wiring connector. According to Alliance AutoGas, the new technology allows to reduce conversion time and cost significantly. To keep the pick-up as functional as it used to be prior to conversion a 21-gallon (approx. 80-litre) underbody LPG tank was fitted.

We are proud that our innovative and elegant fuel system design was installed in far less time than we ever anticipated. Alliances’ state-of-the-art technology is the most durable alternatives fuel system available in the United States, and we are also pleased about the positive environmental impact. It is a winner in all regards. It is a definitive message that our system will take the lead on reducing costs and any barriers associated with fleet conversions going forward throughout North America.

Stuart Weidie, president of Alliance AutoGas

The F-150 will now (in May, actually) undertake a 5300-mile (almost 8500-km) showcase trip across the US, starting in Kansas City and proceding to Portland (Oregon), Jacksonville (Florida) and Asheville (North Carolina) to promote the benefits of switching to autogas and demonstrate the advantages of the new conversion technology. We hope Alliance AutoGas will share some information regarding the car's reception and as they do, we will definitely forward it to you. Stay tuned!


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