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Ford Transit Connect LPG for Hong Kong

Hong Kong has long been known for use of LPG-powered taxis. However, until recently they were exclusively Japanese sedans, but that's about to change with the introduction of the Ford Transit Connect LPG in the China-dependant city.
Ford Transit Connect LPG taxi© FordWith its Hong Kong taxi livery on, the Transit Connect LPG looks perfectly in place

The car has been present in the US market for a while now (serving actively in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago among others), where it is offered with a choice of CNG or LPG systems. Now the autogas variant made its debut in Hong Kong, where LPG may not be particularly popular among individual drivers, but is commonly used by taxi drivers. In fact, taxis are a primary means of transport for the city's 7 million regular residents and over 50 million tourists visiting Hong Kong every year.

The autogas-powered Transit Connect features a Ford-developed LPG system, which is said to have been specifically adjusted to Hong Kong drivers' requirements and expectations. Ford says the car offers dependability and low maintenance combined with an autogas tank with enough capacity to provide more than 500 km of range on a single refill.

The 2,5-litre engine offers 162 PS of power and 221 Nm of torque. While the former figure seems sufficient, the latter may appear modest for a vehicle spacious enough to accommodate 7 people and remarkable quantities of luggage (cargo capacity is 1656 l). However, Ford equips the car with Hill Start Assist to prevent the Transit Connect from rolling back on steep gradients, even when fully loaded. Will taxi drivers in Hong Kong ditch their current cars and fall in love with Ford's new offering? They just might...


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