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Autogas conversion time - new record set

Remember a year ago when a new autogas conversion time record was set in the US, with a Ford F-150 adapted to run on LPG in approx. Hour and a half? If you don't, that's quite OK, since it has just been beaten. By pretty much the same team, incidentally.
Stacey Snyder converting a Ford F-250© NGT NewsThe installer's expertise is crucial, but the LPG system's ease of installation helps save time, too

The F-150 converted live during the 2016 edition of the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis was completed in exactly 1:32:25 by technicians Stephen Holland and Stacey Snyder of Alliance AutoGas. They meant to do the job in two hours' time, but ultimately managed to shave almost thirty minutes off the estimate. This time Snyder (assisted by Kevin Oglesby) knew exactly how well they performed last year and what could still be improved, yet the goal wasn't to make any further improvements and break records – it was all about consistency and ease of installation.

We worked methodically and not particularly fast. Show attendees were encouraged to come up and watch the installation closely and ask us questions. It is a testament to how far we have come with the Alliance conversion kits. Any conversion specialist can do it in the same time Kevin and I did.

Stacey Snyder, Alliance AutoGas conversion technician

This year's vehicle (also converted during the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis) was similar to the previous one, but not identical – a Ford F-250. It was equipped with Alliance AutoGas' plug-and-play LPG system, compliant with EPA's regulations and the National Fire Protection Association's standards. The system is set to require half as much time as other solutions available today to instal on a vehicle. In this particular case, conversion time was precisely 1:21:00, i.e. over 11 minutes shorter than the previous record. And that's without even trying to beat it! Congratulations!


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