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More buses + more savings = less CO2

If one day we cease writing about new fleets of LPG-powered buses, it will mean we are no more. But since we're alive and kicking, we're happy to report another group of vehicles running on autogas to cut costs and CO2 emissions.
Smart Connector LPG-powered paratransit bus© Smart61 of those are ready and able to start their service in Michigan, so be on the lookout if you're there

Smart, a Michigan-based bus operator, has introduced 61 Connector Ford-based paratransit buses converted to run on LPG with Roush CleanTech systems. With these new vehicles, Smart now has the second largest fleet of autogas-powered buses in the state of Michigan and one of the five biggest fleets of this kind across the country. As the company estimates, the investment they made will pay back within just four months and over their lifetime the buses will generate savings of approx. 1,1-1,7 million dollars. Along with the money, the newly deployed buses will also save on carbon dioxide emissions. Specific reduction figures are not available, but they're bound to be significant. Yet it's not just about CO2since LPG often replaces diesel as the fuel of choice for fleets, particulate matter will be eradicated from emissions completely, so passengers of the new buses will not be exposed to its harmful nature. All we have to do now is wait for a yet bigger fleet, either in Michigan or anywhere else in the US.

Smart is committed to responsibly and eco-consciously serving the communities in southeast Michigan. By using domestically produced propane we help support local jobs and our economy. In addition, using the autogas technology will improve our operations, lower costs and preserve the environment in which we work, live and play.

John C. Hertel, General Manager, Smart


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