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More LPG school buses underway in Texas

It's no secret that autogas is becoming popular fast in the US, particularly as the fuel of choice for fleets of vans, pick-up trucks and buses. The state of Texas now wants to use LPG's advantages more by promoting wider adoption of school buses running on it.

Autogas may be gaining momentum quickly, but it's too early to say the fuel has become mainstream. And that's why it still requires some promotion and education, which is exactly why the Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT) decided to present the latest autogas technology to transport officials. ProCOT's representatives also spoke recently at the Texas Association of Pupil Transportation Conference to help school districts lower their fuel costs and cut fleet emissions.

Propane autogas is a smart choice for Texas schools. Not only does propane lower harmful emissions, but it reduces fuel costs and has a proven safety record in Texas.

Jackie Mason, Educational & Marketing Director for the Propane Council of Texas

Even though conventional fuels are now relatively cheap again (petrol is below $3 per gallon), autogas still offers considerable financial advantages, particularly over diesel. Not to mention environmental advantages – autogas produces significantly less nitrogen oxides and next to no particulate matter at all. Also, LPG is exceptionally easy to obtain in Texas, since the state produces nearly half of all the fuel made in the US.

School districts have options. Top school bus manufacturers have responded to requests for greener buses, and they now produce propane buses, including Blue Bird, Collins Bus Corporation, Thomas Built Bus, and IC Bus.

Jackie Mason, Educational & Marketing Director for the Propane Council of Texas

Right now there are approx. 2500 autogas-powered school buses in service in over 70 school districts in Texas. The largest fleets in the state operate in Dallas and San Antonio. With ProCOT's latest initiative to further boost interest in LPG-powered school shuttles, the numbers should grow further, and soon. We'll keep you informed.


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