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LPG police interceptor underway

As we have previously reported, LPG autogas is more and more and more frequently used as fuel for law enforcement vehicles. New ones are coming, too – Blossman Services is working on a Ford Police Interceptor SUV running on the greener, cheaper fuel.
Blossman Ford P.I. SUV© AutoGas AllianceWho says a Police Interceptor can't be economical? Apparently no-one says that, so this one is about to be converted to run on LPG. And then more after it

As the vehicle modifier promises, the new car's bi-fuel system (the petrol system will be left intact and available for emergency situations, e. g. whenever LPG runs out) will require no intake manifold drilling, cutting or splicing of wiring. After the conversion, vehicles will feature 21-gallon (approx. 80-litre) net LPG tank capacity, whose fitting (in the cargo space, behind the rear bench seat) will not mean any kind of compromise in terms of safety, driveability or functionality.

The new LPG-powered Ford Police Interceptor will not enter duty anytime soon, as Blossman still needs to obtain appropriate certification of the conversion system from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). This should be nothing more than formality since the company already converts Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Tahoe and two Fords – Crown Victoria and F-150 – for law enforcement use. And once the SUV Police Interceptor is ready, Blossman may follow with a sedan version, also based on a Ford model.

Once we have finished the Ford P.I. Utility, the majority of what the sedan needs will have been learned – the engines are very similar. Sales interest in the field will determine for BSI when the sedan certification process will begin.

Stephen Holland, Blossman Services, Inc.'s director of engineering


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