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Oregon sheriff saves with LPG

Information regarding fleets of vehicles getting converted to run on LPG in the US surprises hardly anyone who regularly reads Just in case you missed our previous posts, here's yet another example – 10 autogas-powered police patrol cars in Oregon.
Polk County Sheriff's Office's LPG-powered patrol car© Blue Star GasBig car, big engine, high fuel consumption, big spendings. LPG fits perfectly!

Police forces seek savings, too, and weighs every penny before spending it. US law enforcement agencies happily take opportunities to cut spendings when they see them, of course as long as the quality of their work is not affected. The Polk County Sheriff's Office discovered in early 2013 that running squad cars on LPG autogas is a great way to do just that – lower the costs without sacrificing force efficiency. Soon enough ten vehicles were converted. To what effect?

Pretty good, we must admit. Over the course of 18 months the thrifty sheriff saved 25 thousand dollars in fuel, plus another 8000 in tax credit. There was little to think about, since fuel generates highest costs for the office, second to staff wages only. The cars cover 40 thousand km a year each, so the prospect of paying approximately 1,5 to 2 dollars a gallon less (especially that a police-spec Ford Crown Victoria with a V8 engine needs several such gallons per every 100 km covered) seems like a gift from heaven. Admittedly, the savings wouldn't even be enough to pay a single officer's salary, but it's always better to have them than not.

The Polk County sheriff has his own LPG refueling station on the spot (with a 1000 gallon/ca. 3800 l bulk tank), which ensures convenience and fuel price stability (wholesale LPG prices are lower than retail ones). Blue Star Gas, the company behind the conversion process and erection of the station, provides the sheriff and his men with additional safety and maintenance training, too. And the officers praise the converted vehicles for their improved performance and reliability. Is there anything left to be desired? If anything, more sheriffs in other counties and states following in their colleague's footsteps!


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Robert Markowski
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