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Command Pro EFI takes deep breath

Command Pro EFI takes deep breath © Kohler Engines

While it's certainly difficult to build an LPG-powered engine capable of achieving the same power and torque figures as petrol counterparts boast, it's not impossible, either. Kohler Engines has proven it by building a small unit for lawn mowers.
Kohler Engines' Command Pro EFI PCV860 unit© Kohler EnginesThe PCV860 is ECV860's LPG-powered counterpart. Note the LPG reducer on the side

The engine isn't exactly suitable for hand-pushed mowers as it displaces 824 cm3 and, depending on variant (PCV850 or PCV860), generates 27 or 29 horsepower respectively, all the while running on LPG. We're just not sure if we should call this fuel autogas anymore – maybe we should switch to mowergas in this particular case? Anyway, the power figures are comparable to those offered by petrol-powered versions of the unit (ECV850 and ECV860), which is thanks to Kohler Engines' tuned air intake system.

It enhances the airflow to boost power and torque and, together with a closed-loop electronic fuel injection makes the Command Pro EFI a very capable, yet economical and environment-friendly engine. On top of that, the engine comes LPG-powered straight from the factory, requiring no aftermarket LPG kits or conversion. The new unit will debut on a number of commercial lawn mowers throughout the 2015 season, so get ready for action!


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