AMT-3.0C-G04 - LPG-powered cart

Where there's a combustion engine, there's an LPG conversion possible. Meet Greengear's LPG-powered minitransporter, which looks like a wheelbarrow on tracks or a cross between a child's cart and a tank.
Greengear's LPG-powered minitransporter© GreengearWith tracks instead of wheels and a 4 HP engine in place of a person pushing it, it can get next to anywhere

The AMT-3.0C-G04 has a name that's anything but memorable, but promises to be a serious tool for moving around heavy loads (up to 300 kg, with the transporter's net weight of 165 kg). And even though the device runs at a maximum speed of 4 km/h (slower than a walking man), there are straps and bolts to hold the cargo in place.

The engine is AMG 120 – a four-stroke, 118 cm3 unit generating 4 horsepower. It is mated to a three-speed mechanical transmission (with a neutral gear). As far as the LPG system goes, it's Cavagna Group's Enerkit Basic, developed specifically for such applications, as well as for lawn mowers, power wheelbarrows, snow blowers, pressure washers, etc. The product is readily available through Greengear dealerships.


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Robert Markowski
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