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Arctic - winter resistant

CNG may be most popular in countries where winter is just a name in the calendar, with no snow or sub-zero temperatures, but new markets developing call for new technological solutions. Cavagna Group's Arctic pressure regulator addresses the issue.
Arctic natural gas pressure regulator© MesuraIt's hard to find someone who'd enjoy working in conditions pictured above, but the Arctic really doesn't mind

The new product was first showcased at the Ros Gaz Expo in St. Petersburg, Russia – the perfect venue for presenting a CNG pressure regular capable of withstanding conditions typical of Siberian winters. The Arctic is said to work efficiently even when ambient temperature drops to -50° C and temperature of the fuel itself is no higher than -40° C. Engineering for the product was done by Mesura France, a division of Cavagna Group specialising in natural gas technologies.

The regulator's outstanding characteristics have been achieved through the use of components and materials typically unseen in such devices, but rather „borrowed” from shipbuilding, aviation and oil industry. Moreover, on certain markets the Arctic will be offered in a sturdy, resistant housing to prevent mechanical damage as well as extreme cold. Even so, it's not bigger than other regulators available today. It's designed for use in medium and low pressure natural gas distribution networks (1 to 6 bars) and has a capacity of up to 25 m3/h.


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