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Blue Corridor 2015 - ready to go

Yet another edition of the Blue Corridor methane-powered vehicle rally is coming. The caravan will start from St. Petersburg to reach Paris after 10 days of driving across entire Europe. The event will end in Latvia after the vehicles will have covered approx. 6900 km.
Route of the 2015 Blue Corridor rally© Gazprom ExportTytuł zdjęcia

The 2015 Blue Corridor will be held between May 25 and June 8. Its participants, among them representatives of automotive and natural gas companies, politicians, environmental activists and green motoring enthusiasts, are going to drive through Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France, Lithuania and Latvia. The routes to Paris and back are slightly different, with both crossing in Warsaw, Poland.

The rally's highlight and primary destination is the 26th World Gas Conference in Paris – the date and route of the 2015 Blue Corridor have been planned to coincide with the event. The conference will be devoted to using methane fuels in transport, so participants of the rally will surely be more than just passive listeners there. The rally is organised by Gazprom Export and E.On Global Commodities.


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