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Blue Corridor at the World Gas Conference

The 2015 edition of the Blue Corridor NGV rally was called the Eiffel Tour for a reason – the vehicles headed for Paris to join the 26th World Gas Conference and showcase CNG/LNG as motor fuel technology there. To what effect?
Route of the 2015 Blue Corridor NGV rally© GazpromNGVs emit less CO2, but running them across Europe for the sake of it seems a bit wasteful nonetheless. At least they made a point at the World Gas Conference

Having covered 3790 km from start in St. Petersburg on May 24, the methane-powered vehicles reached France's capital just in time to join the global gas event. The participants of the rally were welcomed by Jérôme Ferrier, president of the International Gas Union and high representatives of Gazprom and E.On Global Commodities – the two entities behind organising the Blue Corridor – were also present at the ceremony.

Speeches concerning the use of natural gas as road transport fuel followed, highlighting the role of methane in curbing CO2 emissions and fighting climate change. Alexander Medvedev of Gazprom said that there is huge growth potential for the European NGV market and that the Blue Corridor demonstrates development towards a more methane-oriented future for road transport. Jérôme Ferrier added that the Blue Corridor is a grand event and that NGVs have a bright future ahead. In terms of eliminating pollutants from city centres, using natural gas in road transport was also called "the final frontier”.

The vehicles of the 2015 Blue Corridor were then displayed at the WGC as part of the NGV Village exhibition. Among them were: a Volkswagen Passat TSI EcoFuel, an Audi A3 g-tron, a racing Volkswagen Scirocco running on biomethane, Solbus Solcity 12 LNG buses, an Opel Zafira and two Fiats – a Ducato LCV and a stylish 500. What will be the route and destination of the 2016 edition of the NGV rally? We'll have to be patient to find out.


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