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Blue Corridor 2017 off from Lisbon

Blue Corridor 2017 off from Lisbon © Gazprom

The 11th edition of the Blue Corridor methane vehicle rally has started and the cars, vans and trucks are now on their way across Europe. The Iberia-Baltia subtitle of the 2017 iteration of the event should give you a hint as to what the route is.

Good to know

Blue Corridor rallies have been taking place annually since 2008 as a Gazprom initiative. Since the rally's inception, over 170 CNG- and LNG-powered cars took part in it. They have covered over 40 thousand km and visited 110 cities in 22 European countries.

The 2017 Blue Corridor NGV rally features 16 methane-powered vehicles (of which 11 are commercial ones) and 50 participants – representatives of the European natural gas sector. The cavalcade took off from the Portuguese capital on September 18 and are heading for St. Petersburg, Russia. It's expected to reach its destination on October 5, just in time to join the International Gas Forum.

The NGVs will cover the 5500 km route across Europe using natural gas as their fuel, stopping for conferences and press meetings along the way – in Madrid, Milan, Ulm, Berlin, Tallinn and Petersburg. During these events, NGV manufacturers, officials as well as natural gas and transport sectors representatives will discuss technological and legal aspects of using methane as motor fuel, highlighting advantages of the fuel over conventional energy sources. In particular, the 2017 edition of Blue Corridor focuses on promoting LNG (liquefied natural gas) as fuel for heavy commercial vehicles.


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