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AEGPL Congress 2015

The 2015 edition of the annual AEGPL (European LP Gas Association) Congress took place in Berlin. The two-day event was an opportunity for LPG industry representatives, delegates and policy makers to meet and discuss the current condition and future prospects of the business.
AEGPL Congress 2015 - panel discussion© gazeo.comPanel discussions are an inherent part of the Congress

The congress
The agenda of this year's AEGPL Congress omitted LPG as motor fuel almost completely. There were several autogas-related presentations, but their number doesn't really reflect the importance and significance of the autogas sector in the global LPG market. On the other hand, autogas system manufacturers (or even companies and organisations from the automotive industry in general) don't take opportunities such as this one to promote the world's most popular alternative fuel even more.

Among car-related topics during this year's congress were: José Fernandez Garcia's of the European Commission presentation on the EC's alternative fuels policy, Tobias Wolny's (BP Europe) speech on autogas market from the German perspective (including plans and hopes for future as well as legal environment) and Rick Roldan's coverage of LPG experience in the US. Also, there was a very interesting (although not directly LPG-related) presentation from dr Axel Friedrich about car exhaust emissions, their influence on our health, ways of measuring emission levels and how they don't always correspond to real-life conditions. The most autogas-related speech was delivered by Günter Klaiber of Ecoengines and revolved around Hyundai's approach to LPG conversions in Germany.

The exhibition

AEGPL Congress 2015 - the exhibition© gazeo.comThe exhibition always generates much interest among visitors of the Congress

The exhibition is a regular part of the AEGPL Congress. Over 100 exhibitors were there at the 2015 edition, but few of the products on display represented the autogas sector. The most eye-catching booths were those where colourful 8- and 11-kg LPG bottles were on display (the smaller ones are becoming more and more popular as source of fuel for LPG-powered BBQs), products for industrial applications were also abundant.

The only company from the autogas system sector present in Berlin was Prins, who teamed up with Ecoengines to showcase two cars featuring direct-injected engines converted to run on LPG. One of them was a Kia Cee'd GT with a 1,6-litre, 204 PS T-GDI unit converted with a Direct LiquiMax 2.0 system. The other one was a Hyundai i40 estate with a 2-litre, 177 PS GDI engine, also featuring a Prins DLM system. Both vehicles have been equipped with Ecoengines' valve saving kits endorsed by Hyundai and Kia. Sadly, the very modest autogas-related display gave the visitors very little idea of how big the LPG as motor fuel market actually is, while in fact in many countries the autogas sector is the driving force of the entire market.

Kia Cee'd GT featuring Prins' Direct LiquiMax 2.0 autogas system© gazeo.comInteresting as it was, the Kia Cee'd featuring direct liquid state LPG injection was one of only two autogas-powered cars at the Congress

Among the exhibitors there were also companies offering equipment for autogas refueling stations. Elaflex (of Germany) had a broad range of LPG refueling nozzles on display, as did the Turkish company Yenen Engineering. The latter showcased their own LPG dispenser, too. The exhibition included another dispenser manufacturer as well, and also a Turkish one – 2A Muhendislik, who displayed their product in a simple, yet spectacular way. FAS, a German company, had their own dispenser, too (the FAS 230) and they also took the opportunity to celebrate 40 years in the business.

Next year – Istanbul
The Berlin congress was also an opportunity to accept preliminary entries from exhibitors and visitors for the 2016 AEGPL Congress, scheduled to take place on September 27-29, 2016, in Istanbul, Turkey. It will coincide with the 29th World LPG Forum, so hopefully we'll see more autogas-related things there.


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