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2014 AEGPL Congress - LPG from all angles

2014 AEGPL Congress - LPG from all angles ©

The sun never sets on the LPG sector – just 7 months after the successful 2013 AEGPL Congress in London, the industry's top players met again to discuss its current condition and future prospects. So what is the state of affairs?
AEGPL Congress 2014 - autogas conference panel© gazeo.comParticipants of a conference panel dedicated specifically to autogas

The 2014 AEGPL Congress took place on May 14-15 in Genoa, Italy. The event attracted over 1300 participants and visitors, including more than 300 speakers and conference attendees. As usual, there was also the exhibition, this year serving to present the offers of more than 100 companies from 70 countries. You may well argue there aren't as many in Europe and you'd be right, but – contrary to the congress' European nature – the expo is available to LPG equipment manufacturers and service providers from all over the world.

The range of topics discussed during the conference was very broad. Some of the most interesting and crucial speeches concerned e. g. the way to bio-LPG as a renewable alternative for the future, with an even better

AEGPL Congress 2014 - LPG gear display© gazeo.comLPG replaces petrol in many more engines than those of cars

"green” record than the fossil-sourced LPG we use today, major carmakers' experience with autogas as fuel for brand new vehicles and – from a wider and more general perspective – global LPG market trends (prices, supply chain, demand, etc.). Furthermore, technological innovations were showcased, as well as unusual LPG applications (including LPG-powered lawn mowers, generators or wood chippers) and case studies of selected markets.

The parallel exhibition was livened up by presentations held at a number of stands. The formula of showcasing the products rather than just displaying them proved successful – visitors would gather around stands to watch and listen to the presentations more carefully. All in all, the organisers consider the congress very successful and praise the Italian LPG sector for attendance and support. The 2015 edition will be held in Berlin, Germany, on May 20-21, so be sure to mark your calendar in advance.


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