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David Tyler (WLPGA) - a grand event coming

The annual World LPG Forum in London is coming, this time accompanied by the AEGPL Congress and UKLPG Conference. If this is not going to be the LPG sector's biggest event to date, then what is? We asked David Tyler of WLPGA about this and more.
ADVERT What are your expectations towards this year's Forum? This is probably the largest LPG event ever...
David Tyler, director, projects and business practices, World LP Gas Association: The 26th World LP Gas Forum will be the biggest we have ever held. We will have secured an unprecedented line up of speakers including Royalty, Ministers, Lords and Baronesses for what promises to be a very memorable event, but also one which we hope can have a tangible impact on the industry through the high level of government and media presence. London is truly a global city and this will set the forum apart from other events we have held. Positioned as it is between East and West and with its proximity and historical ties to Africa and Asia, we expect global participation, the likes of which we have never seen before. Anyone with any stake in the LPG business should prioritise participation in the London Forum.

What was the first half of the year like for the LPG (especially Autogas) business worldwide? Which markets are on the rise, which are shrinking, which could be the next ones to develop (globally)?
The most recent data we have is for 2012, which will be published in the 2013 WLPGA Global Statistical Review in late September 2013. The review contains a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the LP Gas business worldwide and includes Autogas. The Autogas business continues to grow strongly, although some major Autogas consuming countries, including Japan and South Korea, are facing challenges which they are trying to address. New countries that have recently introduced Autogas, such as Peru, Vietnam and Indonesia, make for an exciting future.

Are there any particular concerns for Autogas (infavourable policy, supply problems, etc.)?
For a successful Autogas business you need three elements:

  • a supportive government that enables Autogas to be priced competitively,
  • a good selection of dedicated Autogas vehicles and/or an efficient conversion industry,
  • a comprehensive network of refuelling stations.
David Tyler, WLPGA© WLPGADavid Tyler is looking forward to the 26th World LP Gas Forum in London. So are we!

Unless you have all three of these in place, the Autogas business will flounder. Each country needs to address these issues separately and we have produced a comprehensive package, or toolkit, to help. It’s called the Autogas Lobby Plan and can be accessed off our website. There are certainly no supply constraints. All the forecasts show a growing availability of LP Gas worldwide.

Is Europe the largest market for Autogas? Or maybe Asia? What about Americas? Autogas is on the rise in the US, but how about South America - is there room for LPG where CNG and alcohol-based motor fuels are so popular?
Yes, Europe & EurAsia is the largest Autogas region with nearly 14m vehicles. However, the largest Autogas consuming country is South Korea, where demand exceeds 4mMT. You’re right about the US. We are watching a renaissance there with Autogas becoming in favour again after many years. There is no reason for any country not to include Autogas in their transport energy equation. LP Gas has ideal properties as an engine fuel and new technology in direct liquid injection is making it very attractive as a candidate to reduce CO2 levels further. We’re also seeing Autogas being used in diesel applications as a blending component. The argument to reduce black carbon emissions from the tailpipe of older polluting diesel engines through a diesel/LP Gas mix is a compelling one, particularly now the World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced that diesel emissions are a group one carcinogen to humans. The use of alcohol has its opponents because of the alternate use for foodstocks and CNG is generally restricted to areas where the refuelling station is on the grid.

How is the number of Autogas-using drivers rising all over the world? And what is the potential for future in a world where carmakers talk about hybrids and EV's, not about Autogas?
Getting the Autogas story across to the various stakeholders has also been one of the LP Gas industry's biggest challenges. We engage car makers and appeal for a piece of their production to be allocated to Autogas vehicles. At the WLPGA Forum being held in London we are holding our second Global Autogas Summit (2nd October 2013) and there we shall showcase a number of initiatives from various stakeholders. It is an event not to be missed as I mentioned earlier and anyone interested in Autogas should mark it in their diaries.

Thank you for your time.
Thank you and see you in London!


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